AOPM 1.0.2 AOPM 2.0.0 ANALYSIS Deta ETL OPERATION PROCESS MANAGEMENT Deta Frontend Deta Backend Deta Cache Deta wavelet Deta imagelet Deta datalet Deta Database search sort Deta DevOps Deta movelet Deta NLP Deta UI NeroParser steganography encryption maskMap NERO THEME ZIP ENCRYPTION SERVER INFO logbin rest rest tcp tcp streamming rollback cover up angular translation 12 countries emotion statistic dynamic vision osgi color shoot 4 Dimension plsql Deta AI Heuristic consciousness Turing machine Motivation estimation prediction test case unit case trap case demo case task case function case positive negative frequency rank pos score education dicision neroMap trigger trend token index find format filter extract classification dictionary vision compute transaction sensingMap environment phychologic infection ANN PCA DNN HMM TRAINING MATRIX RATIO CORRELATION gradiant ICA ANN Behavior trust RNN deta DNA EVLOVE Q-compute ICA deciphline scale deciphline result deciphline diversification genetic The sense of crisis Catalytic velocity The distortion decay business business trade facility ackuisition cooporation promise education action education duration literator Deta DNA SWAP MUTATION DATING COPY INHERITANCE REDUCE SEPARATER ROBOTICS Nero IDUQ Mind Catalytic method ability growing choice LOVE STUD HELP CREA WORK SAFE A O P M V V V A O P M VPCS VPCS VPCS VPCS A O P M VPCS VPCS VPCS VPCS A O P M VPCS VPCS VPCS VPCS A O P M VPCS VPCS VPCS VPCS A O P M VPCS VPCS VPCS VPCS V PDN I PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN PDN INITONS PDE FILES CHROMOSOME AI LIFE FAMILY OR RACE FAMILY OR RACE HUMANOID WORLD medicine support search index recommend vision compute love study help safe creative work detective guess proof akquisition evolution cluster estimation encoding motion initons VPCS management C E 子主题 S E C S E C S E C 子主题 S PDN D PDN U PDN Q PDN I PDN D PDN U PDN Q PDN I PDN D PDN U PDN Q PDN I PDN D PDN U PDN Q PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ PDN IDUQ 子主题 PDN IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASSIFY TVM PDE LINK1 PDE LINK2 PDE LINK3 PDE LINK4 PDE LINK5 PDE LINK6 PDE LINK7 PDE LINK8 PDE LINK9 PDE LINK10 PDE LINK11 PDE LINK12 PDE LINK13 PDE LINK14 PDE LINK15 PDE LINK16 INITONS PDE FILE1 INITONS PDE FILE2 INITONS PDE FILE3 INITONS PDE FILE4 INITONS PDE FILE5 INITONS PDE FILE6 INITONS PDE FILE7 INITONS PDE FILE8 INITONS PDE FILE9 INITONS PDE FILE10 INITONS PDE FILE11 INITONS PDE FILE12 INITONS PDE FILE13 INITONS PDE FILE14 INITONS PDE FILE15 INITONS PDE FILE16 INITONS PDE FILE17 INITONS PDE FILE... AOPM-VECS-IDUQ-INITONS DNA PDE LINK17 PDE LINK.. CHROMOSOME CLASS A ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS O ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS P ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS M ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS V ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS E ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS C ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS S ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS I ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS D ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS U ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS Q ROOT CHROMOSOME CLASS A-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS A-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS O-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS O-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS P-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS P-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS M-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS M-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS V-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS E-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS E-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS C-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS S-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS S-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS I-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS I-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS D-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS D-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS U-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS U-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS Q-AOPM CHROMOSOME CLASS Q-VECS CHROMOSOME CLASS C-IDUQ CHROMOSOME CLASS V-IDUQ AOPM-VECS-IDUQ-INITONS DNA CHROMOSOME AI LIFE CHROMOSOME AI LIFE FAMILY OR RACE NUWA 女娲 计划 2020-10-25 3d prediction Deta Prediction statistic radar 3d coordination 2d coordination error rate The INITONS Catalytic Reflection Between Humanoid DNA and Nero Cell CHROMOSOME LIFE EVOLUTION 子主题 DETA OSS 2019-05-05 子主题 AOPM 子主题 VPCS IDUQ INITONS PDN PDExtension LIFE AOPM 2nd??? Seems never The end 子主题 罗瑶光, 浏阳德塔软件开发有限公司 2020年报 子主题